"Kingfisher" - Aluminium 68' - Architect: Hoek Design

Refit: modernise your yacht

The base hull and deck of your ship will last for more than a lifetime, however changing demands and progression of yacht technology will eventually ask for changes to your yacht. This can be an extensive modernisation, creating a as-new yacht, or replacing parts of the yacht to replace out-of-date technology.

Aluboot has experience with overhauling complete yachts as well as partially replacing and adapting yachts to changed demands. Projects could include:

  • replacing a teak deck
  • changes to parts of the interior
  • installing blackwater tanks
  • replacing standing and/or running rigging
  • replacing or overhauling engine
  • upgrade deck equipment
  • modernise electrical and electronical installation

This refit will be fully coordinated and carried out by Aluboot, you just specify your demands and leave it all to us. After this refit, the yacht will be fully adapted to your needs and current standards, and you will sail with refound pleasure into a new sailing season.

Custom Yachtbuilding

"Kingfisher" under construction