"Kingfisher" - Aluminium 68' - Architect: Hoek Design

What do our Customers say...

Our best references are our customers. We are pleased and honoured to clear the stage for the proud owners of Aluboot built yachts. We will include links to websites and blogs dealing with the yachts we have built over the years.

"Freeway" - Koopmans 45 DS:

We bought a 20 year old yacht that was built by Aluboot. The previous owner did not change a whole lot during the 18 years he sailed her, so there was a lot of room for modernisation. We went to Aluboot to discuss our wishes regarding a refit in phases, and Aluboot took the ship into their wharf during the winterperiod, and replaced toilets and installed blackwater tanks, including adapting the interior to accodomate the new tanks. They also installed hydrolics on the centerboard and overhauled the steering system.

Specifically, the obviously extensive experience and knowledge of what makes a safe ship is what gave us piece of mind and assured us that this project would come to a succesful end.

Customer blog "Heidenskip":

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