"Windhunter" - Aluminium, 84 ft - Architect: Hoek Design
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HINDRIK - 56Ft Motoryacht
Reduced price @ 850.000

When an Aluboot owner orders a new boat, these boats sometimes are sold in commision by Aluboot. Build quality, maintenance and history are know. Check out these pages for the current offerings!

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Aluboot - Full-service in Aluminium

Aluboot heeft zich gespecialiseerd in het bouwen van custom-built zeiljachten en motorboten voor particulieren, uitsluitend in aluminium. Daarnaast is het bedrijf de bouwer van meer dan 20 reddingsboten voor de KNRM. Tenslotte levert Aluboot aluminium snijpakketten aan de grote werven, gesneden op volledig geautomatiseerde waterstraal-snijstraten.

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Aluboot ("Aluboat") has specialised in building privately owned sailing yachts as well as motoryachts, the hull being built entirely in aluminium. Apart from that, the company has built more than 20 lifeboats for the Dutch SAR organisation KNRM. Aluboot is also delivering aluminium pre-cut slabs to quality shipbuilders, cut with the state-of-art fully automated watercutting machinery.

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Made in Hindeloopen - by Aluboot !